Cook-a-Doodle-Do afternoon tea

Today at the shop....

those of us not actually on duty at the Green Valley Grocer were taking afternoon tea at Slawit Community Centre among many guests of the Cook-a-Doodle-Do cooking school.

We're all proud that Slawit is becoming increasingly well known for local and good quality food... but this may have slipped under the radar of many local people. During the school holidays, Polly Whitehead and friends teach children of different ages cooking skills and about healthy eating. This afternoon was an opportunity for the children to demonstrate what they have achieved this summer - they put on a feast of delights such as smoked mackerel pate, soda bread, quiches, tiffin and apple and ginger cake - all made in the kitchens of the Community Centre.

The Green Valley Grocer is delighted to supply some of our locally grown produce for the classes and congratulate all at Cook-a-Doodle-Do on a great project!

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*NEW* Ecover re-fill service


From this week, the GVG is offering a refill service

for Ecover Washing Up Liquid and

at £1.99 for a litre, and

Ecover Laundry Liquid

at £4.99 for a litre

which means it's cheaper AND you don't have to get rid of your empty bottle. 

Jim might even fill it for you, if you're lucky.

Service with a smile!











Huddersfield Giant in surprise visit to the Green Valley Grocer

Brett Hodgson with our Heather on the occasion of her graduation

Here's a pic of the mighty Brett Hodgson - Huddersfield Giant and regular visitor to the Green Valley Grocer - presenting Heather with a card and some flowers to congratulate her on the occasion of her Graduation. Organised in secrecy by the rest of the staff team Heather knew nothing of the plan (although maybe she had a clue when everyone strangely appeared in the shop a few minutes before Brett strolled in).

Needless to say Heather is something of a Giants fan, if not something of a Brett Hodgson fan. And as Brett is soon on his way to Warrington this one was doubly exciting.

What larks!


Today at the shop.... it was party-time all day. HUGE thankyous all round are due:

  • To our marvellous customers who came to say Happy Birthday and give us their continued support 
  • To our never-resting growers who turned up first thing this morning with the freshest possible produce from within 'food metres' of the shop
  • To Dee for the wonderful birthday cakes and "Green Valley Grocer" edible-logo'd cup cakes


  • To Fiona and Pinky and Perky for dishing out said cakes and keeping the customer flow moving
  • To Gill and Andy for entertaining us so splendidly with the GVG Fruity Veg Carnival song
  • To the Art department staff and students at Colne Valley High School for making us our very own Green Valley Grocer 'bags for life' at their Green Day yesterday
  • To Linda for producing 1st birthday rosettes for us at the drop of a hat
  • To Jim for arriving just at the right moment when we were running out of steam and bringing us chocolates and the offer of help to pack away
  • To MC for having got out of bed (far too early) silly-side-up
  • To Freddie for battling against the odds to keep stock on the shelves
  • And to Carol for keeping the show on the road ... for a whole year!

Here's to the next 12 months!














It's our birthday this weekend, I can't believe we have been open for 12 months, things have come a long way since then and there are still plenty of things to get right in the future  - but  as they say Rome was not built in a day.

A great deal of our stock is English now and being bought straight from the farm , we're getting quite a bit of locally grown produce coming in, it all looks good  so if you're interested just bob in the shop and there will be information about how to go about it - this includes all you jam makers out there, all you need is a food hygiene cert and off you go.

The shop is exceeding all expectations which is just fantastic, so a big thankyou to all of you for shopping with us and keep up the good work. 

Come in on Saturday and have a piece of cake and a glass of Cawston Vale juice with us. 


Heather Carter BSc

This week at the shop... we are celebrating with Heather. It was like walking on eggshells last week for all of us (staff and customers alike) as months of hard graft were followed by days of nail-biting delay in waiting for the results. We all pitied her postman. Things got decidedly worse when Giants failed to get the win against Hull KR and she missed, yet again, the appearance of Brett in the shop. However, Monday morning dawned sunny and warm, we all lay low but the message came through - Heather has gained her Degree in Geography from Manchester! Good on her! 

Expect to see a lot more of Heather in the immediate future, as she increases her days in the shop to 4 per week (until she embarks on her graduate career). Not one to sit around revelling in her success, she's thrown herself into 'shop innovations' and research. 'The Fish Counter' has been on her 'to do' list for a while and we now have a fish info board with maps (she is a Geographer) and detail about sourcing, product labels so you don't have to ask what it is, and menu/cooking ideas. After undergraduate-style research, she knows all about bees and honey production now, and she is taking over our 'Local Produce of the Month' campaign to promote eating local fruit and veg in season.

Talking of 'in season', we are mourning the end of the UK asparagus season, but celebrating the increase in local summer produce available now. We're delighted to be in receipt of some top quality veg and salad from Tracy Jackson's plot that would, in previous years, have been destined for the plates of diners at the Weavers Shed. John Berryman's sugar snap peas are beyond comparison with the imported version from Kenya and his kohl rabi are nothing short of beautiful. Helen is working hard on establishing our growers' network with an eye to increasing the percentage of shop stock that can be grown locally. All the rhubarb that we have sold so far has been grown locally, the green stuff has all come from within a few miles of the shop. Garlic is on our 'hit list' now - let us know if you could grow some for next year, as it seems almost impossible to get away from the monopoly by Chinese imports.

And finally, a big thanks to everyone who shopped with us last week - the 'scores on the doors' tell us we had our biggest week of sales since Christmas Week and over a thousand customer transactions. Brilliant.






 At  last we are finally getting the English stuff from market, such as Peas lovely and sweet, the Brocolli is nice and firm and a good colour of green, the Broad Beans are nice and big with plenty of beans in them, of course we still have the Strawberries. We have started to go to Westwoods farm and buy direct for a lot of our veg, we order one day and it is picked the next morning - you can't get fresher than that.

The Handmade Bakery have 2 new breads for sale replacing the Wholemeal cob and Hearth loaf for the summer months - they are the Pagnotta and Spelt and Seeded Bloomer. 

So come down to sunny Slawit and visit us.


Today at the shop... I am grateful to Roger from The Radish in Marsden for asking me to bring gooseberries from the market run. I almost dismissed the possibility due to it being too early in the season, however Total Produce (always my best bet for English tomatoes) had the very first arrivals onto the market.

Like other berries and rhubarb, the climate in Yorkshire is good for gooseberries and ours are growing pretty well so far. The biggest threat is mildew, brought in from America in 1905 which wiped out the whole European crop. Nowadays there are varieties that are resistant - ours are mostly Invicta which seem to do OK without spraying.

If you're a serious gooseberry-grower, you might consider visiting the Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Show near Whitby. This year it's on Tuesday 3rd August. These guys don't mess about, they've been at it since 1800 and last year Mr Bryan Nellist grew a record-breaking Woodpecker berry weighing in at 2.19oz (or 62g in new money). That's amazing - I just weighed an egg from the fridge and it weighs only 2oz (less than 60g)!  Read more about this traditional English event at

Gooseberry fool and gooseberry crumble are obvious delights to try, but traditionally gooseberries are also eaten with mackerel. And in our house, some are always frozen to have with goose at Christmas.

If you have grown gooseberries to spare, please contact us and arrange a good time to bring them in for us to sell for you. We'd love to have them from 'down the road' rather than elsewhere.


Invicta gooseberries at Wellhouse (2009)


Slawit Summertime

It's the first Thursday in June and the sun is shining, so officially it's 'Slawit Summertime'. This means at the Green Valley Grocer we've shifted onto our summer opening times and on Thursdays we're staying open til 7pm. So, if you're putting in the extra hours at work and either driving by or coming in on the bus or train, there's time to get your fresh produce en route home.

Good at the moment are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries; peaches, apricots and nectarines; cherries and melons; the last couple of weeks of English asparagus (even the occasional batch from Wellhouse) - get it whilst you can; peas in their shells and broad beans; and on the unusual 'organic' front we have golden kiwis and kohl rabi.   

Now we're trucking...

Meet Moby, the Green Valley Grocer's new van. There's only one word for it really, and that's "MASSIVE"! You can run laps inside it. It can house all the other Thunderbirds inside it. It can out-accelerate a Porsche when it's empty (maybe).

It's done its trial run to Elland for honey today, and it'll have its maiden voyage to the market tomorrow with Jim, see him off at 3.30 am if you're up!

Jim     and   Mo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-by














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