Today at the shop.... we're in the press again Sat 27th February

Today at the shop.... people are spreading the word on our behalf. Thankyou Graham Porter at the Weekend Huddersfield Examiner for featuring us in the Gardening section and highlighting our British and local food.

It's difficult at this time of year and in such a cold winter, but we do currently have a range of fruit and vegetables, some organic, that have been grown in the UK (in addition to some imported 'staples'). We have had apples from Lincolnshire since the summer, as well as potatoes, roots and brassicas; beetroot and spring greens from near Wakefield; and right now, as we have mentioned once or twice but in case you missed it... premium forced rhubarb from Westwood's in the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle (now with designated protected status, so you can be sure it is actually the real thing).

It'll be a little while before we can source 'summer' crops such as soft fruit and tomatoes, but rest assured we'll be hunting them down as soon as they're available, to get the very freshest produce for our customers and minimise our food miles.

Read Graham's article here:

To help identify the different produce we stock, we have started to signify 'local' food (grown or produced within 30 miles) with green/yellow labels, UK-grown with blue labels and imported produce with country of origin written on the signs.


Celebrate rhubarb !

Our in-shop celebration of the wonders of Yorkshire rhubarb has continued all week with lots of lovely early Champagne rhubarb on sale along with Cawston Vale's magnificent Apple and Rhubarb juice and fab rhubarb cakes from Dee's Pantry in Marsden.

Hopefully there will be fresh Yorkshire rhubarb  on sale on Saturday  and next week, when we take delivery of 3 boxes of premium quality stems freshly picked for us by Westwoods near Leeds.

Lots of you have commented on how rhubarb used to be grown by everyone - so there's your challenge for next year - let's get Slawit on the West Yorkshire rhubarb map !

In the meantime, come in and enjoy some of this year's crop - and get ready for next week's celebration when we will be singing the praises of brilliant beetroot !


Westwood's premium forced rhubarb

Today at the shop 25/2/10

Our organic veg arrived today from Fennella's Garden, we also have some things arriving from Goosemoore Organics.

There's more delicious cakes from Dee's Pantry includung rhubarb and custard muffins, double chocolate muffins and, of course, blueberry muffins.

The shop is doing very well so keep coming in and have a good look around.

Today at the shop.... Monday 22nd February

Today at the shop... we joined in with FairTrade Fortnight. This runs from 22nd February to 7th March. We have lots of new products in store including a wider range of teas, coffees, hot chocolate, orange juice, sugar and chocolate bars.

Find out more at:

And see how Huddersfield is contributing here:










Today at the shop 18/2/10

We had another good day today even though it was a horrible day, all the organic veg arrived including the gorgeous beetroot and lovely looking spinach and red kale.

The new stands for inside the shop came this afternoon and look pretty good even if I say so myself. We had delivery of more country market cakes and 100% all butter shortcake.


A shot of one of the new display stands, made by Simon Fisher.


Today at the shop... Wed 17th Feb

Today at the shop.... it was very, very cold. No, that doesn't do it justice, it was mind-numbingly freezing. But some nice things cheered us up:

We arrived first thing to a wonderfully refurbished 'store room' (back shed!) - insulated, with a proper ceiling and brand new wooden shelving - it's amazing, you can actually find things in there! Even the little things like limes and root ginger. Thanks Simon for a great job and making our work easier.

Mid-morning Dee arrived with more 'goodies', the blueberry crumble muffins are really excellent and not too sweet. Then the elusive Margaret arrived with a new batch of her home-made jams - raspberry, damson and red gooseberry - but escaped before we had chance to photograph her. For those who have been asking recently, they're here now!

And this afternoon, the Co-op Enterprise Hub people, who helped us with advice when we set up the Green Valley Grocer as a co-operative, came back to shoot some footage of us for their website. They've already featured us in a case study and now they're adding photos and video clips. Graham and Helen (the media stars of Slawit) faced the cameras and showcased the 'public face' of your Green Valley Grocer.  We thank our customers for being especially patient whilst shopping was suspended for this media attention. You can access the Enterprise Hub's website at and see us under 'case studies'.

Margaret's jams, Caroline's marmalades and Country Markets chutneys


Today at the shop... Mon 15th Feb

Today at the shop.... began at 430am, meeting Jim to go and learn 'the market run'. So, in light drizzle we set off over t'top to Manchester wholesale fruit and veg market. Our regular supplies were easily acquired, bar the Little Gem lettuces, none of which were to be found at any stall.

The lovely Italian salad potatoes dusted with sandy soil have finished and the new stock is from Israel. The clementine season is all but over, but good news - the juicy miniolas are now in stock - four for a pound in the shop today!

Our 'impulse buys' included red water cress (very pretty), passion fruit, Spanish strawberries and, just this once, blueberries. We also have chives to accompany the smoked salmon that's just arrived from SailBrand. These were mostly inspired by Pancake Day preparations for tomorrow … come and see what we're putting on ours at the Green Valley Grocer!

A very romantic and utterly bonkers Saturday - in the shop!!

Saturday saw a few blog worthy occurrences... we had another record making day, sales-wise, which is fantastic!!

It was also Valentine’s Day – The Handmade Bakery surpassed themselves with heart shaped seeded baguettes, we had very girlie pink iced muffins, a whole “love inspired” red display outside and I even found a very appropriately presented pack of peppered smoked mackerel – the two fillets made a gorgeous heart shape!!

All in all it was a very good day – no silly hats to mention but I’ll save that obsession for another day ...

Hope my first blog gets a nod of approval – will try and remember to bring my camera to work with me on Tuesday and illustrate the silly hat comment!!!

Jo x

friday.Today at the shop

Friday at the shop... I edited all the gunk codes out of my blog but then managed wipe-out the photos of the Market I was trying to past up. This technical problem should be resolved on our trip to Manchester on Monday where Ange and I are hoping to meet up with one of the major importers of veg from the continent. It will be interesting to ask him how he sees the future for organics and locally grown produce. Does anyone have any questions for him?

Today 11/2/10

More goodies arrived at the shop today, in country market cakes such as carrot cake, fruit, butter shortbread with different fillings, and parkin.

We also had a taster of different chutneys, chose four very different flavours - so keep an eye out for them.

More Yorkshire Blue cheese will be in Friday. We now have lovely looking (and tasting) Blood Oranges. So come and have a look at what we've got.



 Winner of today's beautiful basket of produce award!

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