February's product of the month - Cabbage

February’s product of the month is the cabbage, (I couldn’t find anything seasonally that we could like to Valentines Day, so cabbage it had to be) There are 3 main cabbage types, green, red and Savoy with lots of different varieties falling under those three headings. Cabbages are part of the cruciferous family (cauliflower and sprouts etc). You maybe surprised to know that the cabbage is the 2nd most consumed vegetable in the world, with potatoes knocking it off the number one spot. The cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C (ideal for this time of year with flu and colds doing the rounds) it is also high in fiber and low in calories on average one cup of cabbage has 25 calories (hence the cabbage soup diet). To reap the full benefit of the cabbage, experts recommend steaming, stir frying or eating it raw, as the best cooking methods.

It is thought that cabbages first derived from the wild leafy mustard plant mainly found in the Mediterranean region.  The cabbage season is mainly all year round, but for the best tasting cabbages they should be consumed late autumn early winter.

There are many stories of cabbage uses through out time…yes that’s right they have other properties other than keeping the hunger at bay.

The Romans/Greeks placed great importance on the cabbage for curing and disease or illness. Egyptian Pharaohs used to consume cabbage before a heavy night out on the alcohol, as they believed it allowed them to drink more, cabbage is still used to day as a cure for a hangover, not sure about this myself, but if there is anyone brave enough after a Friday night then let us know how it turns out.

Cabbages and cabbage patches have been used for generation to explain away the age old question ‘were do babies come from’ as mothers used to tell children they came from the cabbage patch.

Dutch sailor men used to eat fermented cabbage (saverbrout) as a way of preventing scurvy on long trips across the seas.

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