Local food strategy

Here's the GVG's local food strategy for you to download.

Highlights include:

- We have defined ‘local’ food as food grown or made within a 30 mile radius of Slaithwaite Centre. We also have another category ‘super-local’ to mean food grown or made within a 5 mile radius

- We aspire to purchase 50% of our produce from local growers or producers within the 30 mile radius and would like to try and achieve this by 2015.  We want the locally grown element in this to be 20% (as opposed to locally made).  These are very ambitious targets and may not be practical, but we want to strive towards them and measure our progress each year. We also want to have 20% of the total classified as ‘Super Local’, within 5 miles of Slaithwaite.

- The target of 50% local food includes locally sourced vegetables and fruit and produce made from locally sourced fruit and vegetables. It will also include local dairy produce (including eggs) and artisan produce made locally which includes ingredients that are not locally sourced – for example flour for bread and other baked goods bought outside the 30 mile radius or similarly sugar for preserves.

- What we have achieved 2009-2010: Estimated 35% local food sourcing July, Aug Sept 2010, but with 23% of this accounted for by our artisan produced bread from the HandMade Bakery.  Even in this peak harvesting period, our locally grown produce purchases are around 8%.

- Our challenge is to increase not only the locally grown produce in this peak harvesting period, but also that across the leaner months.  Additionally, we want to encourage our customers to think even more seasonally in their purchases and develop their cooking habits around locally available seasonal produce.  Changing buying habits will make increasing reliance of locally available foods more practical.

You can download the strategy here, just click on the attachment... 

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